The top priority and the main objective when purchasing seating should be to acquire chairs that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable with superb quality manufactured just the way you like it at a reasonable price. Always buy from a trusted manufacturer.  Many Seating manufacturers use a variety of different terms to discuss the benefits of chairs they produce. I have listed 5 C’s for a decision process made easy:

Craftsmanship   Comfort   Construction   Cost   Customization

Allcare Seating was established to bring vision to life. We lovingly turn imagination’s fancy into a product. Our process is curated to achieve the dreams of the seating visionary, taking each crucial aspect into account. No matter the question- we accept extraordinary as the answer.

We understand our customer needs, and we aspire to ensure a delivery of opulence for that unique vision.

I invite you to join us on this seat creating journey and sink into the chair that fits your fancy, up until the very last thread. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Abe Rosenberg


Allcare Seating


All Care Seating aims to ensure that special attention is taken to your residents’ needs in the fine details of each chair.  Timeless elegance is infused into each design plan to guarantee a cozy yet classic feel. This, to render your facility a haven for the tranquility a truly homey atmosphere can elicit.

From factory to finish, our craftsmanship is up to par with meticulously welded aluminum and rich framing of wood look detailing. Careful consideration is taken in the graceful details of powerful yet soft silken stitching that attaches each upholstery to its embellished wooded or classically sculpted aluminum frame.



Chairs at All Care Seating are designed to snugly embrace its seated with extra cushioning to give adequate rest to the weary. Comfortable seats are expected to have a plush feel while remaining spacious, warm, and supportive.

Comfort is always prioritized with HD foam and our blend of enmeshed fabrics that are layered with extra lush buffering. This offers a full immersion into its richly woven padding. Sizing is pre-arranged to provide a considerable amount of luscious comfort both in generously afforded length and width of all-around arm rest options.



The Construction of the chair has the most significant effect on how durable the chair will be and if it will maintain its beauty. Durability proves itself to take a stand with regards to its enduring life span of over a decade. Here at All Care Seating, we ensure a lasting hold, using extra support bars, full welding to diminish the possibility of hazardous sharp edges with respect to the sensitivities of your elder residents. We stand behind our products with a 12 year warranty, Our Nanotex stain and spill resistant technology offers a stress-free zone for frequent mishaps to remain unabsorbed.

All that, plus rigorous pre-testing and manufacturing know-how ensures preservation of unyielding like-new conditions that stand the trial of a time well served.

All Care Seating takes dimensions, supportive framing, easily transportable, and even smooth stacking into consideration with our proprietary building process. This is all done to ensure each resident that makes your facility their home is allotted the safety precautions and convenience they deserve.



The Cost refers to the Cost comparison between chairs of equal quality as well as the difference between chairs of good quality and chairs of lesser quality.

All Care Seating produces seating of long-standing value. Quality is a rule we adhere to without exception. Our chairs are surprisingly affordable, and still yet apply only the absolute best in premium framework and fabric. We believe you are warranted to procure the honored standards in consistence with a dependable Health Care Facility like yours. Our Cost aspect takes every quality level into consideration to ensure an incomparable deal is had for less money spent without compromise on quality.



Customization expertise is a prerequisite to bring your vision to life: one in which seating design options allow you to create a care facility where residents can sit at ease.

All-Care Seating is your one-stop shop for customizable chairs to suit your every living-care seating need. We work hard to ensure a delivery of magnificence that best serves your vision of devotion to the demographic that fill your spaces. Choose from over 900 fabrics and vinyls and 30 frame finishes. Design completion- done free of charge, can precede your quote request.

Unique care is taken to facilitate custom chairs that always keep the needs of your residents in mind. Our expertise allows us to cover all bases and match them with their seated client – considering only the top in quality, safety, comfort, design and more. As the residential care aficionado, your job is to dream of chairs furnished to perfection. Ours is to transform it into your reality.